Sunday Look 3/27 Crochet Knits

I'm always in love with Crochet Knits.  It always makes me feel more girl, feminine, and a little sexy by showing off my skin from all holes :) This season, Damaged knit has also been hot to wear so I surfed some of these on TOP SHOP, Forever21, and for both kinds of knit. Though I've uploaded many many outfits of people from, please do not get mad even if your outfit is on my blog without your permission.  The reason I put your picture is I really think you're such a fashionista and stunning look on there. 
Today, unfortunately  I didn't have anyone to snap my outfit so I was doing photo shooting by myself using "self-timer" haha. and it made me think I really do need a photographer who can work with me sooo much. Using "self-timer" has limitation and it's so difficult to control for many kinds of angles, the light, to capture the whole figure of the object (in this case, me) and much more. So today's work made me so wish I had one or Nikon D7000 with remote-controller which I've been thinking if I should get for myself.. Anyhow, enjoy fashionable people's look and just one of my photo with 3 kinds of crochet knits :)

Cream Crochet Swing Dress

Raspberry Crochet Pom Pom Sleeveless 


Knitted Cream Slubby Swing


Colored Dots Crochet Sweater

Knit Fringe Poncho

Crochet Knit SS Top 

Open Knit Floral Poncho 

Striped Knit Sweater Top

Fashionable People from

and my look...

What do you think about it? Hope you're weekend is going fantastic!



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