Hang Out with My Buddy! 3/31

Tonight Cory and I went to check Nikon SLR at Nakano, Tokyo. It was so much fun time with him. He and I have known each other more than 3 years and been best friends. I like him as I love my family and he knows all about me too. what I felt this time is...he looked my eyes more than before haha. I think it's because he's got lots of chance to talk to his students looking at each other's eyes which is important for English teachers. A while ago he hardly looked my eyes while I did looking at him during talking. It was kind of odd for me 'cause Western people I know always look at me well when they talk to me.anyhow.. After my work was done, we met up in Shibuya and had kebab for dinner. And then went to a suit shop since his ones got too buggy for his size (he's got a lot skinny due to 2 jobs and school), and headed for an electric shop to check headphones for him and the price of MacBook Pro for me. Finally we came to Nakano for checking Nikon Single Lens Reflex camera for my photo shooting and photographing...

 crackers, honey, and sour cream with some black pepper on. It was good

 my Mango sour

 he finished last drink in 30 sec! 

hah :D

let's hang out again dude! love ya!


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