Lazy Monday in the Gray

Now I'm a neon ZARA bag addict and I ended up editing this photo taken by Haruka. How was your weekend? Mine went awesome and it makes me feel achieved. Since this Monday in Japan is a national holiday, I'm at home all day and looking outside raining. They were saying earlier it's gonna be rainy today, I was kind of in a hurry for photo shooting this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were limited for me to snap of my outfit so I tried hard to do it and made it. I just wish I could make more outfit posts on weekdays. Many fashion bloggers and magazine have kept me so involved lately and this fever never gets down. I've been searching for trends and hot items as if I'm obsessed with something and I cannot help looking at items that people wear on the street, in a city, at the station and wherever I go.
I don't want to lose this fashion fever I've been having last a few months and want to share my blogging passion with you. Here's a place I put everything about me on and where you can see me through.
I want people to know what I am, what I like, what I wear, what I eat, where I go, who I love, and how I grow up with this blog.

My Sunday breakfast..

 I don't fail to have100% fruit juice every morning no matter what I have for breakfast. Also I try to have pure yogurt with it but it's not as important for me as 100% juice though it completes my morning if I had it. In this morning, I had coffee latte for the first time in a while, which was good. I love black coffee whose calorie is zero (I just don't want to take extra calories after breakfast especially when I have work.)

Panini made my morning :) This was what my mom got at a convenience store the day before. I put it in the small oven to brown it.  Soy milk pudding and fresh apple pieces completed my morning. Plenty of protein and natural sugar complemented meals for yogurt.

Surfing photographs of breakfast and putting them here for random feeling..



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