Super Windy but Full of Happy day

Today was such a wonderful day. It was perfect sunny out though super strong wind kept blowing throughout the day. After photo shooting of my outfit, my mom and I went to walk in the sun for chillin' out. I didn't expect we'd have that much fun at Takashimaya department store in Tokyo. Since the bottoms of my boots' heels have been worn down, I got them fixed and walked around the whole floors looking through many shops with her. We've got much stuff just for fun time like snacks, talked a lot more than we can on weekdays, laughter, sharing ladies' thoughts and more.Yes, as you see the photo above, I made a small debut on HERMES from its eau de toilette. I awkwardly walked into the shop and looked in. How can I describe its elegance, grace, luxuriance, and the beautiful scent of the entire space. That was such an inspiration.

How's your weekend going? Hope it's great :)



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