Demand>>> Supply

Everyone goes to the grocery store and desperately grabs whatever there is. Since the first huge earthquake has happened, all convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, and other places that sell food have been packed with lots of people who want to buy as many meals, snacks, water, flashlights, batteryies and stuff as possible. When I went to the grocery store near my house, around 10pm, there were still so many people walking so fast in the shop. I never saw such a chaos and people in a panic. Nobody could expect this earthquake would be that big and upset everything in Japan.
All TV channels have broadcasting earthquake which's been lasting since 11th and places where Tsunami left such a tragedy. The number of death and missing has been climbing up more and more everyday while some people could find their family members in this mess after 3 days.

Before this night I came back home, I was with John at Narita Airport. I could make it some pictures at the airport. We were at Terminal 1 in which lots lots lots of tourists who couldn't fly since the day of quakes.
There were still many people sleeping on the floor with big baggages and sad face. I could easily tell their tiredness on their faces and they were at a loss when to start.


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