City life with less lights

When I came out of Shibuya station, it made me stopped walking and got me speechless for some moment. I've never seen Shibuya with a lot less lights like this before. Yes, this is obviously to send electricity to North Japan by scheduled blackout. Since Tsunami had washed everything away in Iwate, Miyagi, and Ibaraki prefectures in North Japan, these places have still been no lights, water, gas, food, and more. This picture is taken with my digital camera by SONY CyberShot. If I didn't snap this view with night mode it'd have been even darker. Until this night, I wasn't aware of how bright it used to be and how much it gathered young people here. As for this place, it should be brilliant, shining as always, alive with lots of young people, and entertaining unlike this.

Things are even getting worse day by day here. As you may know, there are nuke power plants in Fukushima prefecture which is also in North Japan. The roofs of 1st and 3rd ones exploded though the shells of nuclear are both safe. 2nd and 4th ones were on fire last 2 days and they found some smoke in the building of 4th this morning (16th).
If 4th nuke plant ever exploded, radiation will definitely come to Tokyo and other areas though they've already detected some of it in Tokyo.
Still aftershock is lasting everywhere and they're doing scheduled blackout here to send electricity to North Japan whose damage is too devastating.

Over 15 thousand people have been missing, 8,000 death, 140 thousand survivors have been starved in lack of water, gas, electricity, beds and more.
One of these days they found 2000 dead bodies on the beach that Tsunami had taken for 4 days. 
Also there are still some villages and towns which have been isolated and no contact from everywhere. Too bad is it's going to be snowy there today and go down to -1 degree this evening. Who believes in god? This is just tragedy and too cruel :'(
I think I am too safe and too lucky here because here's everything I want. Being able to use gas, electricity and take a hot shower should be too normal to notice how great it is. I have to appreciate it all and try to save them as if I'd die tomorrow. 

Sugar (chocolate) would be for sure wanted if big quakes come again.

Even in my house, now we know it was a shallow behavior though, we've got lots of breads by Saint-Germain and FAUCHON on Monday this week. Everyone here has been so desperately stocking up all food, water, paper, canned gas, whatever it's sold at shops being scared of another big quake which's been expected sometime soon again. We are/were just making it harder to get enough food for people that REALLY need it in the North. Even if we didn't buy those much, there are plenty enough food to save us. So many of TV stations have cautioned us against overbuying last 2 days. Even at Gas stations here, hundreds of cars make a long line surrounding the place to fuel before "aftershock".. In the North, sooner or later they'll have people that would freeze to death because of a lack of warmth (no heater: gas, electricity). If we clean up all gas here, they won't have any of it to survive in the cold.
But let's think...if another big one comes again, who could continue regular life that we normally do now?. Could we bring all these breads, bottled water, batteries, everything we've bought to the shelter? vegetables, rice, milk, snack,.... I thought tonight that the reason we keep buying tons of stuff is just pursuit for our own satisfaction and the feeling that we have "this much", which couldn't be a solution of how to survive.
Let's think about what we can do for people in the North. Save (Try not to use) electricity, stop overbuying anymore, volunteering and..? There should be more. Pray for them and let's take action.


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