My Wish List L-Z

Louis Vuitton 
Louis Vuitton 
Leopard Stole
Since I've started to surf many fashion websites to look for bags, I'm getting like a bag addict. Many kinds of outfits come up in my head and it is even so good for me to stay focused on fashion world. I wonder how big the world is, I wonder how long it's gonna take until I finally get to my own style, and I wonder how people think of my fashion look. There is still a lot to learn about fashion and to do for my photo shooting, and I have been so involved. I thank my sister who coorperates my hobby and blogging a lot and thank John supports me for everything I work on :)
This time my wish list goes from L to Z. I didn't think of after H for brands' name much so I skipped some and list them up there which I remembered :) All of these bags are so amazing and much inspiring.
Enjoy looking through them!

And...something awesome news came to me tonight. They'll show up on Sunday night (In Japan time) here!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Totally Turnlock Lucy

Ralph Lauren Large Leather Tote 

Mackinaw Leather Large Tote

Newbury Leather Classic Tote

St. John
Shoulder Bag, Black

Black Eyelet And Stud Cross Body Bag

Coral Leather Bow Make Up Bag

Taupe suede slouch satchel

Yves Saint Laurent
Y-Mail Metallic Leather Clutch in Silver or Gold

Reversible Tote in Black/Beige or Orange Tan

Zip Up Shopper

Two tone rigid bowling bag

Small fashion bag with studs

I want all of them x) 


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