Summer pastels

Cropped top, necklace, bag: forever21
Mini shorts: M2F
Sandals: Bershka

These taken last Tuesday, 26th, by Haruka. It was cloudy out all day and a little shower fell down over us sometime. I've got this purple mini shorts the day before as I chilled out with 2 of my coworkers in Shinjuku, I couldn't want to wear it with some yellowish items that became Forever21 top with many dragonflies on :)
Cropped top is my new try for this summer so I'm trying to have the chance to put it on if weather permits to show off my belly :) When I wear it for work, I usually wear tank top or camisole underneath and make it look more classical not to be so casual but matching some big necklace or adding accessories are more fun and feel better.
I was going to make posts earlier but unfortunately I've got Norovirus since the night of 28th and been in bed and rushing to the bathroom back and forth :( It's been a while since I had it last and I never expected it would be painful this much. After finishing overtime work on Thursday, I was feeling something strange in my stomach but I could make it home and had dinner.As relaxing time started watching some shows on TV, I got a sudden stomachache and hurried to the bathroom....and ended up being stuck in there for hours. Why so sudden? Now I've been absent from work for 2 days and it keeps me worried about my work and coworkers who have to take care of my stuff piled up on my desk. Hmm.....I'm so sorry guys ;(
At least here's some updates of me while I'm absent hehe...
Be careful guys. Note for myself: be thankful how healthy I am (I'm not now that's why I should be more thankful what I usually am :))

ブログの更新はもっと早くにするつもりだったんだけど、28日の夜からノロウィルスにかかっちゃってできなかった。ベッドとバスルームの往復で大変 :( 前回ノロやってから1年以上経つから久しぶりだし、こんなにしんどくなるなんて予想以上だった。木曜に残業終わって帰る時にちょっとお腹痛かったんだけど何とか家着いて夕食食べてゆっくりしだしたら急に腹痛が襲って来てそれからずっとヒッキーしてた :( 何でこんな急なの? 今日で欠勤2日目。。溜めてた記事今更新するだけだから良かったけど。。仕事が心配。ごめんねみんな~。 ;(

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Stay healthy.


  1. the colors remind me of a warm spring evening.

    your skin looks sooo healthy and tan!


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