I take you takin' me

Last Monday spent taking hundreds of photos in the sun with my friend from Nepal, Niren. Since I started to shoot photos of my outfit, taking and editing photos became my new hobby and now I've been completely obsessed. He's sometimes informed that he'd shoot photos at a park but I'd not made it until this time. We met up at Shibuya and walked all the way through Harajuku, many streets in between, Omotesando, and Yoyogi park (of course we walked back to Shibuya then. No train at all!). Just made everything we saw photos. Buildings, the sky, lights, flowers and even shades. I didn't know how fun sharing the same hobby is!
He knows better about camera, how to capture the lights, make a big difference using the functions installed and etc than I know.
I was mostly snapping surroundings besides photos of him. When I held my camera and started to snap, he started to take photos of me like this. and this photo is my most favorite picture of him. It's a good shot, isn't it? Serious face, not minding where to take (putting his knees on the hot concrete), adjusting shoot mode and so on. It was so much fun taking uncountable photos (I took about 200 or more.) and sharing the same likes.
I uploaded many (but still a small part of all photos!) pictures I took here. Please have a look :)
You can see original size after clicking on the photos.

すごくいいショットだと思わない?とにかく楽しかった!たくさん載せたから見てね! 写真クリックするとオリジナルサイズ(かなりデカイ)で見れるよ :) ↓↓↓

look look :) 見て見て :) ......

Isn't it cool? Suddenly she came to us from behind and held her Nikon SLR to snap us saying "Looks cute!" What a sweet photographer! Amazing.



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