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Pink lace top, studded white denim, ring, white bracelet with metal plate: Forever21
White tank top, skull bracelet: TOPSHOP
Pink heels: ZATA TRF

Taken by John in breezy Summer air spent last Tuesday. Right after receiving his text I hurried up to the station by bike (imagine me riding my GT bike in those heels lol) and took him here further away from my house, actually completely opposite direction, for photo shooting. I found this place while jogging this past Spring and was wanting to shoot for outfit in front of this entrance. With this color editing, I quite like how this looks and makes nice atmosphere. I might use this place sometime again with different taste of outfits before leaving here ;) You can see bigger size after clicking on it.
How was your weekend? I finished my work and my weekend's started (yes, Monday and Tuesday off). Hope you're having a good time for the rest of Sunday!

先週の火曜日にジョンに撮ってもらった。曇りだったけど風が気持ちよくて心地よかった~。ジョンからメールもらってからチャリでダッシュで駅に行って(このヒールでGTのバイク、ガチ漕ぎ。ウケるっしょ笑)家とは全く逆方向に連れて行き写真撮影。前にジョギングしてるときこのアパート見つけて、ずっとここでフォトシューティングしたかったんだよね。入り口がかわいいでしょ?写真編集したら雰囲気が出ていい。また近い内にここ使うかも ;) 

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  1. You look gorgeous in these photos, love the shorts especially! Really nice blog :)

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Thanks so much Neris! I always check you blog and love it ;) Let's keep on nice work <3


  3. I love your bracelet and those nude pumps are so sweet and sexy!!!

    love you heaps!


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