Sunday Look 7/4 Crushing colors in the sun

Ethnic dress: ZARA
Ring: Forever21

How was your last weekend? Hope you all had so much fun in midsummer. It's been getting hotter and hotter (and more humid in Tokyo!!!) day by day and hard to stay in the sun. My company's decided our day off on every Monday and Tuesday between July and September to disperse electricity consumption (yes, because we've had to save power lest we have blackout on upper half of Japan in super hot Summer!), so I had to work 7 days in a row since last Monday (27th June). Finally my days off started today!! I was excited to do photo shooting outside because it was all cloudy and rainy the past 3 or 4 weeks. So the title Sunday look could be Monday or Tuesday look but it's only for 2 months, and I still keep calling it Sunday one :)
I was waiting for this shot since March or April as I found this hot yellow wall near my house. I thought this wall would be good with this ethnic green one piece which I bought at zara last summer. If there was a floppy hat that I've been wanting to have with me, it'd look better. But I'm happy enough with results :)
Hope you like it ;)

ついに実現できてうれしい :)

on the way back home. 帰り道

I covered all over my face and head with the Indian scarf for just fun. haha



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