Recent Presents and Purchases

Noticing I haven't shared my recent purchase and presents with you lately, I decided to make this post :) Funny thing is, I came back home in different shoes when I left home in heels. This happens sometimes and my mom always says "you left home in that heels, didn't you?" and I say "Yes" showing her ones from a plastic bag which I used as I bought new flats or sandals. This is how the number of my shoes gets bigger in a way haha. This white sandals on the top are present from John when I was wearing white sandals by Bershka . I'm feeling like having a shoe robe like this one below. Isn't this crazy?? but so hot view!

So here are some of new babies that haven't showed up here yet. Mostly by ZARA. You know how much I'm addicted with it ;) Which is your favorite?

面白いのが、ヒール(新しいの)で出かけると帰って来るとき違う靴なの笑 帰って来るとお母さんが、"家出てくときヒールじゃなかった?"って聞いて "うん"て答えながら買った靴のバッグの中から最初に履いた靴を出して見せるっていう笑 いつも痛くて途中で買っちゃう(だいたい買ってもらうけど笑)んだよね。ある意味こうして靴の量が増えてくんだよ :) ここのところ靴が山積みになって収納スペースがないの。地震が来たら頭上から降って来るから危ないよね! だから上の写真みたいなシューローブが欲しいなって思ってて、ドイツに引っ越したら考えなきゃ。
ここにアップしたのはほとんどZARA. あたしがどれだけザラ中毒か知ってるでしょ ;) どれが好き?

By Oriental Traffic. they saved my feet also :P

Sweet bracelet by John parents from their vacation and a flower soup. 



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