I called it perfect day

Peacock tank top: Forever21
Green denim shorts: ZARA
Yellow suede sandals: ZARA

Can you imagine how beautiful day this was? Last Tuesday spent at Tama river, Tokyo, with my special friend who I called my soul mate before (he'd show up here sooner or later with his humor :)) and it was such a perfect day in the sun. It was hot but comfortable, nice breeze, the sound of water, fluffy clouds floating in the blue sky, good clothes and my great friend to share with..I couldn't ask for more.
All these nicely taken photos taken by him. I was honestly surprised at his camera work whose results were just great. He captures right moment, second, and even small movements I make as I didn't pay attention to the camera and tells me like "put your chin down like now", "it looked good when your legs were in the water" like a real camera man :D  He's good at finding these things that match its atmosphere and environment best. In pleasant surroundings being blown by breeze, I could find comfort in the trace of midsummer mind.
Looking through these shots, I thought how great shots are created is only when each other's mind gets linked


Playing with ants :)

what he wore?  I'm always in love with his fashion: simple, stylish, colors, unique.
Green-H&M polo
Blue-Zara denim pants
Ray Ban sunglasses
black sandals

wish I could show you more. but I keep some for next time :)


  1. Nice post. And <3 the photos on your blog :)

    if you like it we can follow each other :*

  2. Love this outfit! Your shoes are amazing!
    Wanna followe each other ? :)


    Fashion Fractions

  3. Beautiful photos! That would definitely be my idea of the perfect day! (:



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