Now it's your turn

Today I finally received photos Niren took. Yes, this is when I took a photo of him (just the previous post down below) taking one of me. When I saw all his work today I was so touched by his camera work and editing! All these photos I put here are also just a part of the whole shots but I wanted to share them with you after my photos. What's your thought? :)

今日ニレンが撮った写真もらってダウンロードした。そう、ちょうどこの写真は写真撮ってるニレンをあたしが撮ってる時の(一個前の記事)ショット。彼のフォトアルバム見た時はほんと感動した!カメラワークと編集が上手で違いを感じたね~。ここに載せた写真もほんの一部だけど、シェアしたくてアップしたよ。どう思う? :)

 When the lady came to us :) 例のおばさんが来てびっくりした瞬間 :)

Coming back to Shibuya, we checked SLR at Yamada electric store. What do you think about this editing? :) Yes his target is the sun flower. 渋谷に戻ってきてからヤマダ電気で一眼レフをチェックした。この編集どう?

Even though he used my camera, how to take a photo is obviously different and a LOT better than I do. He caught the right angle and position to blur the background and focus where I was. Great work!

On my way back home at Mizonokuchi Station. Beautiful end :)
帰りの駅。空がきれいで何人も写真撮ってた :)



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