Out with my sister

Last Sunday spent with my sister, Hruka after my work at Shibuya. I've promised her to get her clothes and have dinner a while ago and that night I made her wish come true. We've been through hard time and I decided to have much time with her like we used to before she gets back bad again.
She and I, as you can see :), have been so close sisters and I'm proud of it. This night we walked through every single shop in Shibuya and every time we found something cute and crazy items to match with clothes, we got kind of noisy (in a good way haha) and enjoyed each moment like best friends.
This photo taken in a fitting room of Bershka when we tried these dresses on. We didn't buy them but wore them for fun!

hahah...I know how silly we are :P

How was your weekend? Hope it was great!


  1. Amazing photo.u both look so beautiful!u have a lovely blog.i am following you.hope u will follow me back if u like mine :)


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