Sweet Present-Prada wallet

Sweet present from Frankfurt has now arrived :) I couldn't be more thankful now...John gave me this for the last present after Schwarzkopf shampoo bottles, souvenir from his parents' vacation (thank you!), 2 packages of Haribo, German Vogue, and Volvic coconut-lime flavored water which is limited for this Summer (we don't have it here in Japan!).
I'd been wanted to have Prada items (for no reason but it kept attracting me from its elegance and gracefulness) and he remembered what I wanted  which I've said a while ago. 2 days before his flight for Japan this time, he went to Frankfurt to check Prada shop and gave me a call that he's got one when I was taking a shower at night lol
Now finally this is mine. Thank you so much for this amazing present :)

フランクフルトからのスウィートなプレゼントが届いたよ :) これ以上ハッピーな気持になれないってくらい嬉しいプレゼントだった。プラダの財布。シュヴァルツコフのシャンプー2本と、ジョンの両親のバケーションのお土産、おなじみハリボーの2袋、ドイツ版ヴォーグ、ヴォルヴィックのココナッツ-ライムフレイバーのボトル(日本になくて珍しいから試しに持ってきてくれた)の後に、「じゃ、待ちに待った・・・」って感じで笑顔で差し出したのがこれ。キャーーー!!って叫んだよしばらく笑
今はもう私の♥ いつもステキなプレゼントありがとう :)

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  1. it's amazing.i adore the colour!u r so lucky darling :)

  2. yess! It kept me speechless for a while ;)
    Thanks for your comment dear<3


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