My family in Germany 6th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月6日

On 6th August, 2nd day of their Germany trip, we decided to make a relaxing day until Jan flies back here in the evening.
The reason: no car (I don't have a drivers license yet), not wanting to go far by train, jet lag, and so on.

At 9am my mom and Haruka came buzz my door and relaxed in the living room until 10am which I promised them to come to their hotel. As 3 of us were about to reach the hotel, my dad and Shogo were already walking toward us.
When my dad was still packing his suitcase in Japan, I told him to wear something looks like Samurai in Germany and here he does.
We straight went to the supermarket called toom where we had Kebab for dinner the night before to buy drinks and snacks like sausages, pizza, microwave meals, instant noodles, etc. Especially my dad and Shogo were curious about this kind of stuff and wanted to try them.

This 2nd picture of me and Haruka while my mom taking the photo was when we were heading to the hotel to pick the guys up.

朝9時に私のもとにお母さんとはるかが来てリビングでまったり。前日に10時に私がホテルに行く約束になっていたので、その時間を見計らってホテルに向かうと待ちくたびれたのかもうお父さんと将吾が外に出て歩いてました。お父さんがまだ日本で荷造りをしていた時に私が「侍っぽいの着てね!」と言ってあったのでこの日に作務衣を着用! ドイツの日本人が甚平や作務衣を着て出歩くことはまず無いから新鮮でいい!笑 かなりの視線を浴びたそうです。


After meeting up with my dad and Shogo. Heading to toom supermarket. 

Everyone had food... time to relax or keep on drinking on the sofa.
In a little while, these 2 guys collapsed into bed for a nap and we ladies enjoyed chatting on the sofa. :)


About 14:30 dad and Shogo left to the hotel. Since we had planned to have dinner together after Jan's arrival at the hotel in which a restaurant is at the first floor, mom and Haruka stayed at my place and wanted to take some walk until then. 
As we were about to leave for a walk, thunderstorm had reached here unfortunately and we ended up waiting for 1,5 hours. 
When we finally came outside it was after 17:00. The thunder or the strong wind hit a big tree on the street near my place and it was a huge mess everywhere. Jan gave me a call and told me to wait for him at the restaurant. His arrival was delayed for the thunderstorm kept Jan's airplane from landing for 45 minutes. 


We're ready for the food!!!!
Finished ordering drinks and waiting for Jan to join us.

Arrived! 来た!

2nd achievement for my family is to have Schnitzel!! This is a must-food in Germany. Thinly sliced pork kotelett with sauce and potatoes or egg pasta to it. Jan and I love to have one with mushroom sauce and we ordered it. This is what Jan's got and mine is half size.


This is what Haruka has got. Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and mushed potato. 

Totally it was a yummy day ;) Let's eat and get ready for all day long-stroll in Frankfurt tomorrow!
美味しい一日でした :) 食べて明日のフランクフルト巡りに備えましょう!笑



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