Hospital Stay 1 Week Before The Wedding--- Day 1

Sorry for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. I had so many things to go through and wasn't able to even open my laptop for that. This is the reportage of my hospital stay before writing about my family stay in Germany and our wedding. 


Since the past 2 weeks before the hospital stay on 31st July, I was having numbness on my left arm and leg. Especially when I wanted to grab something like a mug or makeup brushes etc, I started to feel like they drop off my hand though I still could hold it. And also when I was about to wash my hair, I felt less power on my left hand to massage my head then the right hand...Strange!! 
So on 26th July I asked Jan to drive to the hospital in the next city and they made a blood test and checked my pulse rate, and the doctor gave me an appointment on 31st for more precise check/inspections. This picture of me sitting a chair on the hallway is when this happened on 26th. 

7月31日の入院2週間前から、左腕と左足(主に膝下)に痺れが出始め、何かを-例えばマグカップとかメイクアップブラシとか-持とうとすると落としちゃいそうな感覚が出るようになりました。髪の毛洗うときも右手より力が入らなくて少し洗いづらいとか。。これは変だ!! っていうことで7月26日、じょんに頼んで病院に行くことに。血液の採取と心拍数の計測をし、もっと詳しい検査をするということで31日に来院の予約をもらいました。

The 31st July, we came to the hospital again and went to a reception counter for X-ray and MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tomography) as the doctor told us that we would make one on that day. 
The lady at the counter told us to go to the main counter to register/reserve my test as there are patients who take MRT too and get checked by the registration number... 
We went to the main counter and a lady told us to go to 5th floor..
On 5th floor, we were hoping we can finally make MRT there, we only saw BEDs. Asked a lady at the counter of the floor, told us AGAIN to go back to the first floor to REGISTER me for hospital stay for the inspection...... WTF??
1st, they are lack of communication or they do not know what the other department of their own hospital works for. 
2nd, they do not understand the process or routine that a patient has to do or go. -_-
We were totally sent around. The hospital is GPR Klinikum Rüsselsheim. You'd better not go there if you live or come near there. 

Ok, we came back to the first floor wondering if I really have to stay in the hospital. 
My reference number was called and we entered the small room.  The lady asked what kind of symptoms I have since last days and asked a doctor if my hospital stay necessary is. It was. 
She told me that they are going to make lumbar puncture needle and I won't be allowed to walk around after the lumbar puncture, which means I need to rest on the bed at least for a night. 

7月31日、言われた通りに病院に来て、前回医師に「今度はMRT(磁気共鳴断層撮影装置: スキャンして3Dで撮影箇所が見れるとか)をするから」と聞いていたのでレントゲンとMRTの受付カウンターへ。そうすると受付の女性に「向こう側のメインカウンターで撮影の登録をして」と言われ反対側へ。そこの女性に「MRT受けるならあっちよ」と言われたので、同じことを言われてここに来た旨を話すとオフィスの奥に戻り、しばらくして「5階に行って」と言われ5階に。
完全にたらい回し状態でイライラマックス。ちなみにこの病院はGPR クリニック ルセルスハイム。もし近くに住んでるとか、近くに来てもこの病院はやめた方がいいよ。


After finishing the procedure for the hospital stay and MRT, we came back to the 5th floor for my room and everything got set up quickly. A woman doctor who seems to take care of my case came to my room and explained what kind of inspections I would take, the side effects of the lumbar puncture needle I might have later, and that it wouldn't give a problem with our wedding. 
I can't remember the last time I stayed in a hospital but that must've been when I was 4 or 5 and my brother and I both got pneumonia. 
She took my blood again though some doctors did the same on 26th. She or other doctors didn't tell me the result of my previous blood test and it was taken here again.. What is this? Do they take patients' blood so often in vain? Agh.... 

This is after she left my room and Jan left back home to bring my stuff. Hoping everything's over soon and I can come back home. 
The pipe for injection needles stays inside my arm and that hurts a lot! I can't bend my arm and doesn't allow me to take a shower for the day. 



They haven't done anything at all except taking my blood this day though we came here in the early afternoon and after a while I've got this plate for dinner. 
Only one thing that made me feel better was that my husband was with me until he had to leave. 
"I hope they'll finish everything tomorrow and I can go back home". 
I kept the small TV on and tilted my head on the pillow. 




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