My family in Germany 12th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月12日-帰国

This is the last post of my family's stay in Germany. 
On 12th August, the day they flew back to Japan again, started as it usually had been. My dad again brought us some sandwiches for the breakfast and mom, Haruka, and Shogo came in to spend some time at our place. One different thing in the morning was that my dad didn't buy beers as he had flight on that day. ;) 
As my family flew to Germany on 5th, my parents and Haruka & Shogo had different flights. As parents' one was at the night, Jan and I took advantage of it and brought the wedding dress and the suits back in Mainz after we saw Haruka and Shogo off in the noon. 
This first photo was when we were at the airport and had some snack before Haruka and Shogo got on board. 


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After we saw Haruka and Shogo off at the security gate, we came back home straight. My dad and mom decided to stay home to rest for the flight while we're in Mainz for the wedding dress and the suits  to return. On our way back home from Mainz station, Jan and I found these pretzels before going down to the platform and of course, bought a sunflower seeds covered one and a pumpkin seeds' one home.


As we arrived back home, my mom was at the table while my dad was still asleep on the sofa.
Jan and I had the sandwiches that my dad bought in the morning besides the pretzel for the early dinner.


We came back to the airport. As we still had lots of time for a stroll, we walked through souvenir shops to enjoy time left until good-bye.
Yummy ice candies while my dad was taking pictures around.


It never gets easy to say good-bye  :'(
別れの瞬間に慣れることは絶対にない :'(

It had been really heavy rain for hours even when we were still at home but fortunately it stopped it before their take off and put doubled rainbows in the city. 
This is when Jan and I came out of the garage after coming back home. 


Thank you so so much my family for coming here and everything you all did for me and us. :)

家族のみんな、ドイツに来てくれてありがとう。最高の夏をありがとう :)


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