My family in Germany 9th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月9日

On 9th August, just 1 day before the wedding, we spent the day at home except Shogo and Jan. These 2 guys went to a thermal bath spa, Opel car museum, and some shopping. 
My mom made this amazing wedding cake from early in the morning until early evening, while Haruka, dad, and I made a lazy day. 

She started to work on 3 layers of the dough which is full size oven plate. We had prepared dozens of egg, sugar, butter, flour, and some decorations to top. Although baking 2 doughs at once would've been easier,  she baked 1 dough at each time because all 3 of them needed to be baked evenly. 
Even though the estimated time for 1 dough was about 1 hour from mixing ingredients till finish baking, each of them took for about 45 to 50 min as there was no failed one. 
Waiting for the doughs to cool down, making butter cream, not normal whipped cream, for being left outside for a while, topping flowers and sugar pearls, and finishing with the writing. 
Right after finishing up the cake, Jan and mom drove to the restaurant for the party after the wedding ceremony at the church on the next day. 



Right after she came back home with Jan, she started to cook in the kitchen. As she said "Let me cook. You'd like to have what I cook here, wouldn't you? :D", I just kept watching her and did some help. Haruka was awkwardly sitting on the floor behind mom and browsing the Internet on my pc. Sorry for the messy kitchen!
When you're far away from your family and they visit you, it feels so precious to see when they cook for you and relax together. It makes me wish time could ever stop.

お母さんが戻って来るとすぐに夕飯の準備を始めました。「おかんに作らせなさいよ〜 :)」と張り切ってくれたので私は暇人してました。

The rest of us were just relaxing in the living until dinner was ready.


Dinner's ready! Dad holds the beer as a rule ;) Tomorrow is going to be our wedding finally. The biggest, happiest day in life :) 


Thank you so much mom for the best cake in my life! You really are the bestest mom in the world :')



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