My family in Germany 11th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月11日

On 11th August, I woke up feeling still enchanted. I couldn't believe the wedding is now all over while the preparation took months and months. But there were piles of presents from our guests on the table that we left the night before and collapsed into bed. 
The moment we enjoyed flew so so fast but there were many people who cooperated with us and made the day successful and very precious. This though came in my mind in the cooled living room.


After the party finished, even though I told my family to come to us after 10am as we wanted to sleep in the next morning, my dad and Shogo came to us at 9am with the sandwiches from the bakery. While I was already awake and unpacked the presents, putting flowers into vases and stuff, Jan just came out of bed with exploded messy hair and said Good morning to them lol.
About at 10:30 my mom and Haruka came to us though. Ladies are different ;)
"I thought you guys might need breakfast" said dad, "I've been awake since 4am maybe because of jet lag",  giving us the sandwiches and surprising us. We really enjoyed that.

結婚式が終わった後、家族に「明日はゆっくり寝るから、うちに来るのは10時以降にしてね」と行ったにも関わらず、お父さんは張り切って再び朝9時にサンドイッチを買って持って来ました笑 私は少し前から起きていてこのプレゼント類を整理したり頂いた花束を花瓶に挿したりしてもう動いてましたが、じょんはベッドから出たばっかりのキューピーちゃん爆発ヘアーでお出迎え。

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Today's the last day in Germany. We suggested them to go to Rüdesheim for the last sightseeing.


Rüdesheim is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Beautiful houses and old castles lie along Rhein river and wine fields spread out. There is a cableway that connects from the town to Niederwald Landscape park.
Ever since the age of the ancient Romans, this place's been a winemaking town and speaking of German white wine, here cannot be missed.
The main street of this town is called Drosselgasse which is paved with stone, and there are wooden framed houses, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops at the small street.

観光地として有名なリューデスハイムですが、古代ローマ時代からワインの栽培地として栄えていて、ドイツの白ワインと言えばここ抜きに語れません。この古い醸造町の中のメインストリートがつぐみ横丁(= Drosselgasse ドロッセルガッセ)と呼ばれる石畳の細い通りで、葡萄のつたに覆われた木組みのレストランや陽気な音楽が流れる酒場、お土産物屋が軒を連ねて多くの人で賑わっています。

This is when we took the cableway to the Niederwald Landscape park. The view of Rhein and the wine fields from the cable car is simply fantastic..


 Family picture! I felt so happy to be here with my family. This photos taken by Jan were in front of Niederwalddenkmal which is a monument standing in the Niederwald Landscape park.


I don't remember what made us laugh but it came out nice photo :)

何でこの時笑っていたのかわかりませんが、みんな笑顔でイイ感じ :)

(from wikipedia)

The central figure is the 10.5 metres (34 ft) tall Germania figure.
In the sculptured impression, Germania holds the recovered crown of the emperor in the right hand and in the left the Imperial Sword.
Wacht am Rhein lyrics, under the Kaiser Relief.Beneath Germania is a large relief that shows emperor Wilhelm I riding a horse with nobility, the army commanders and soldiers.
The relief has the Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine) lyrics engraved.
On the left side of the monument is located the peace statue. The war statue is located on the right.



On our way back to the town by walk, we found the dog that seemed to belong to the boy.


Snack/lunch time was needed ;) We ordered some drinks and typical German sausages like curry sausage, grilled one, and pommes.
Since we were planning to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner in the evening, as I thought they might've started to miss similar food slowly, we had only these small snacks (dad's one was big).

Unfortunately I don't any photos of the evening to share with you. I might add the photos if I could get them from my family later :)
The evening was their last night at the hotel, where they'd miss the same breakfast every mornings, and to end their Germany stay :)

恒例の(?)おやつ兼お昼タイムです。代表的なドイツのおやつ: カレーソーセージ、焼きソーセージとポメス。
この日の夕飯は、そろそろ欧風料理も飽きて来た頃だと思ったので、中華バフェに行くことにしていたため、この時のおやつは軽めにしました。(父以外 笑)

明日は帰国です (泣)



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