My family in Germany 5th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月5日

On 5th August, finally this day, my family landed in Germany. I had waited for this day for many many months and here they are :D First my brother and sister arrived here with Lufthansa and we decided to chill out till our parents get here with JAL. Unfortunately as they are smokers, the first place we came together was a smoking area outside the entrance door of the airport.
While smoking (I don't smoke!), they were impressed by taxis because all of them lining up there were  Mercedes Benz and of course, we took some pictures of it with their phones.
They told me about how their first oversea flight was and it was good except the food.

They looked a little tired but had some energy to wait another couple of hours and have a stroll in the airport. 


As Lufthansa arrival is in Terminal 1, we had to go to Terminal 2 for JAL arrival. 
This is on the way there and Shogo (my Brother) found this McLaren displayed in Terminal 1.
When he finds something like this, he turns a little boy lol


Although it took a while until our parents finally came out, we were super happy to see each other again and it blew their tiredness away in seconds. :)
Awkwardly my dad and mom got seats next to each other (if you're a long term reader of my blog, you know they are divorced) but they managed it and my mom told me that they kept talking and talking during the flight.
In this picture, we were going down to the station connected with the airport to my city.
Jan was in Japan at that time and his flight was next day on 6th. Which is why I came to the airport by train to pick my family up.
Cool things was that Jan got to see my family in Narita airport the night before and he showed them where to go and what to do for check in and their flight and he saw them off getting on board :D


She's looking for the name of our stop.

1st achievement that I planned for my family was original Turkish Kebab.  We have so called Kebab too in Tokyo but it's not the one at all. It tastes completely different and they put shaded meat with thinly sliced cabbage or lettuce with tomato in tortilla. 
After we finished checking in at their hotel and left all suitcases, we came to a Kekab restaurant in a supermarket right near my home. 
They were surprised how big it was and kept saying "Mmm...." and devouring the first food in Germany. 
Check, ✔ Kebab. 

はい、ケバブはチェック 、と。

Then we shopped some snack for next days in the supermarket, and we planned to meet up again the next morning. This was the beginning night of amazing stay :D

この後スーパーで翌日のお菓子やスナックを買い、翌朝にまた会おうということで別れました。楽しい旅行の幕開けです :D 


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