My family in Germany 7th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月7日

On 7th August, the official sightseeing day for my family, the day started with lots of sunshine...and food. 
Jan and I finished everything for the morning and were ready to welcome my family to come over and going to go to Frankfurt all together. They buzzed the door and came in with many bakery bags. 
Dad said "I got you sandwiches!" We looked at each other and bakery party began lol 

My dad told us that their breakfast is too small and they serve exactly the same thing every morning. 
Breads are cold and flavorless. Well, I could imagine that. 
For breakfast we Japanese eat something warm, for example, freshly steamed rice and miso-soup, and a grilled fish or side dish made from egg like scrambled egg and sunny side-up egg. Something that energizes us to start out on new day.  
Of course no one expects that they would have what they have in their country, at least no one eats exact the same thing every morning and plus flavorless, right? 
I felt a little bad to book the cheapest hotel for them even though this is their very first trip to overseas..
For this reason, they bought something more to eat at the bakery next to toom supermarket AND came straight to us. lol  This is when this happened. 



This is what they have every single morning for 4 portions. 


Me eating a half of chocolate croissant.


....And his morning beer lol

そして朝から一杯。完全にドイツ満喫中 笑

We've got energized a lot. We came to the station and waited for the train for about 15 minutes.
One time Shogo asked me why they have no ticket barriers where only people who buy the train tickets  walk through to the train. Then no one knows even if you don't buy tickets. 
There's no ticket barrier here and ticket machines are standing at the platform. You are able to get on the train without the ticket but they have a random ticket check on the train that the train staff makes on board to see if you have tickets. If they find you don't have it, you have to pay € 60,- right away.  
Either you buy the train ticket that costs € 5,- as an insurance or take the risk of paying € 60 for the sudden check ;) Ask your heart. 


Here we are! We came out of Hauptwache station and started to walk through Zeil street where many department stores are. When you get off the train at Hauptwache station and walk all the way down the Zeil street, you come across Konstablerwache station. 
I find convenient that you can enjoy full shopping until you get to the next station, where you can get back home from. 

フランクフルト到着! ハウプトバッへ (Hauptwache) 駅で降りてからデパートが立ち並ぶツァイル (Zeil) 通りを歩くことにしました。
フランクフルトでショッピング♪となったら、まず多くの人が利用する駅が私たちが降りた、地図左側Sマークのハウプトバッへ (Hauptwache) 駅。そこ目の前からツァイル (Zeil) 通りが反対側のコンスターブラバッへ (Konstablerwache)駅を繋ぎます。

This is when we came out of Hauptwache station and started to walk on Zeil. 


As we (Jan and I) wanted to show them Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus) and Römer, we turned right in the middle of Zeit street to there. 

私とじょんで、家族が来たら聖バルトロメウス大聖堂とレーマー(旧市庁舎: Römer)を見せたいと話していたので、ツァイルの真ん中辺りで右に曲がり、その方向へ。

This is our direction from Hauptwache station to Zeil, from the middle of Zeil to Dom and Römer.


Want some Häagen-Dazs? :)

ハーゲンダッツはいかが? :)

You find many Italian Ice cream shops on this street.


There are always guys making pantomime at this square, you have to drop some coins in their box at the step if you want to make pictures with them, like Haruka did.. not knowing she'd have to pay for that. 
They whistle like calling you and it makes you take photos but they keep annoying you until you pay lol We usually walk quick by them or ignore. 

地元の人は知っているので、私たちもここに来たら完全無視です。メモメモ ...〆(´∀`*)

Here is Römer which is the symbol of Frankfurt.
On the 2nd floor of the center building, there is a hall called Kaisersaal where a celebratory feast for the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was taken place after his crowning and portraits of the 52 Holy Roman Emperors are decorating the wall. 
The buildings opposite side of Römer were re-built after the war. 


Then here you see Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus) that they call Dom.
This Cathedral was built during the 13-15 century in the Baroque style. The election and the ceremony of crowning of the Holy Roman Emperor took place there and it's also called Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral). 
You see Dom museum on the left side of the main entrance. 


ok, snack time! What a coincidence, there were some Japanese boys behind us. 
This place, Frankfurt, and this food, grilled German sausage and beer, were my desire that I wanted to come with my dad and let him try! Now my dream came true. Ahhh,, I couldn't be happier.  
Of course, I wanted all of my family to try it but my dad is a beer and snack lover. 
I got my mom curry sausage and original Frankfurt sausages with bread for Shogo and dad. Haruka had a bottle of water as she wasn't hungry. 

はい、おやつタイム! なんて偶然なのか、日本男児が背後に。。
この場所フランクフルトで、ドイツソーセージをお父さんに食べさせてあげるのをずっとずっとずーっと願って夢だった私。いつも生活切り詰めて、ビール飲んでも一番安いやつ買って激安シールのお得惣菜をLINEしてくるお父さん。せめて一回でいいからと強く願っていたら叶う日が来ました(感涙)。嬉しかった〜。。これ証明写真 笑 
しかもこの度、家族全員で♡ こんなに嬉しい気持ちになれることって、そうない。

After the happy snack time, we walked back to Zeil street for shopping (or just looking show windows). My mom, Haruka, and I went to Bershka where I wanted to take Haruka to, while Jan took my dad to the top floor of a shopping mal where you can look over the whole Frankfurt and Shogo shopped around alone. 
In an hour we got together again and had another break for coffee and late lunch. My mom ordered curry Udon noodle, Haruka had iced coffee, Jan had fruits in yogurt, and my dad got, of course, beer! Since Shogo wanted to buy a shirt for our wedding, he was looking for one in shops near the café. In a little while he asked me to help find good one :D

カフェを見つけて席を確保した写真が下のもの。私は朝のサンドイッチがまだ効いてて前のソーセージ屋さんから結局何も食べませんでした。。笑 将吾がZARAで靴を買って帰って来ると、結婚式に着るシャツを買いたいから付き合って、と連れて行かれることに。さすが姉、弟にピッタリのものを手際よく発見。笑 会計を済ましてから急いで外に戻ると待ちくたびれた様子の4人。。。(°∀°  ;)

From long walk, eat, drink, being touched by the buildings and its history, we've had a lot for home to tell. Shogo fell asleep on the train and everyone got so quiet as well. I hope they enjoyed sightseeing in Frankfurt. Tomorrow, it's going to be in Mainz. 
After we got home, we found the beautiful sunset that colored the sky amazing. 


Good night.


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