My family in Germany 8th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月8日

On 8th August, their 4th day in Germany, we went to Mainz as planned. On this day we had to pick up my wedding dress and Jan's suits at a costume shop near Mainz Haupbahnhof station which is the next station of the central city in Mainz, we decided to go to the city first and then to pick up the dress. 

The first top photo is when we were waiting for the train to the central city. Sorry I didn't take photos of  the city while showing my family places and all photos I have here are at the first platform, food we had, and the evening. 



As always, photos with Haruka who's my best friend and best sister in the car.


After a while we made a stroll around Mainz Cathedral, we went to a fish restaurant.
As we were going to meet Jan's parents at the evening, I had this salmon appetizer plate for light lunch.


On the way back home.

With Jan's parents, we came to Greek restaurant where I wanted to take my family to.
Most of them ordered this huge plate which they couldn't finish and I had spaghetti with Gyros.
It was a great day again :)

また素敵な一日でした :)



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