Hospital Stay Day 3 入院3日目

On 2nd August, 3rd day of being stuck in the hospital, super simple breakfast welcomed my morning. One chilled (again) breakfast bread, 1 butter and honey, and 2 cups of coffee (I brought one from the vending machine on the 5th floor). I didn't mind that much because I knew I will be released that day. 

The doctor from the day before came to my room and talked to me for a little while. I asked him if I can leave there finally and he gave me a permission. He said he'd bring statement papers of what I have, what they did, and what they found and I can show the papers to a home doctor in my city if it doesn't heal. 
While Jan and I were waiting for the papers to come, we shared the last (finally!) lunch which was veggie mixed rice, 2 chicken balls with tomato sauce, 1 soup, and 1 strawberry yogurt. 

8月2日-入院3日目- は質素な朝食で朝がスタートしました。またも冷やされた朝食パン1個にバターと蜂蜜1個ずつ、セットのコーヒー一杯に無料で提供されているコーヒーメーカーから持って来たコーヒー一杯。少ないけど、ベッドで寝てるだけだし、退院できるの知ってたから気にしませんでした。


After receiving the papers, we hurried back home. I was so relieved to be back home before my family visit in Germany. 
I suffered from such a terrible headache because of the lumbar puncture for the next 2 days but I made it welcome my family at the airport. 
I will write about it on next posts :) 

その記事は後ほど :) 


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