Hospital Stay Day 2 入院2日目

1st August, the 2nd day of hospital stay, I woke up at 6am with noise of construction just right next to the window of my ward. They have been building new wards where they can accommodate more patients and departments. After 2 hours since I was awake, I've got breakfast: 2 chilled breakfast bread, 1 honey, 2 jams, and a cup of coffee. 
During the morning, no doctors came in for advancing tests though a nurse came just once and asked me if everything is ok. My arm where the needle tube kept aching over the night and made it everything hard to do. I tried to have the breakfast using my left hand. 

The lunch came. That was scrambled egg with some leek, boiled potatoes, and cream stewed spinach (I actually don't know how to name it). When I was in a language school near my home, my teacher once said she hates this kind of spinach because it looks like puke or chewed and thrown up (gekaut und gekotzt) loll... I didn't expect that I'd have one in a hospital hahah.. 

8月1日 -入院2日目- は私の病棟の真隣でやっている工事の騒音と一緒に6時頃起きました。

語学学校に通ってた時に先生がこのたぐいのほうれん草が嫌いだって言ってました。嘔吐物か、噛んで出したみたいで気持ち悪いって笑 まさかそれを病院で食べるなんて想像もしませんでしたねー。

Right before Jan arrived to the hospital, I was called for MRT. I left a message to him to wait for me in the room. It took me almost 1 hour to come back to the room. The MRT test itself took for 20 minutes but I had to wait for about 30 to 40 minutes. 
As I came back to the 5th floor, I asked a nurse to remove the needle tube that had stayed in my arm more than 1 day. She said it's more practical to keep it if another injection needed but I told her I can't take a shower at all and it hurts a lot, then she sighed and removed it. They never made any other injection or blood test after all till I left the hospital. It was right time to ask her. 

In a little while, the medical specialist/doctor came in and explained what they've found out with my problem from the result of MRT. He meant that a small part of nerve in cervical vertebrae seems to have been worn down or crushed from some movement and this might have been causing the numbness on my arm and leg. 
He continued, he doesn't believe that there's a problem in my brain and that a problem will be found from Cerebrospinal fluid but he is going to make a lumbar puncture in case. 
He brought stuff for it and finished very quickly. I thought it'd give a huge pain but it really didn't. 
What so funny was that Jan's face got incredibly pale down and even his hands got cold though he didn't get anything.. I laughed on the bed while he was half numb from what I've got. 
On the picture blow, you can see how it looks. 


かけ布団をお腹に抱え背中を出してブスッと一瞬何かが刺さりました。でも全然痛くない☆ 後からじょんに聞いた話だと、背中に刺さっている針の後部に水道の蛇口みたいのがあって、そこに管を刺して脳脊髄液をチョロチョロ出していたとか。

This is the dinner at the evening. 2 bread slices, 4 salamis, 2 sliced cheese, 1 pickle, and a strawberry yogurt which Jan had :) 
After we had this plate and watched some news, he told me he'd come here again in the morning and drove back home. 




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