Plenty of veggies, delicious Bolognese :)

Maybe spaghetti bolognese is one of the easiest, standard menus which all moms make at home. And I made this for dinner yesterday, before John flies out again to Japan today. I was thinking of what to make for dinner last few days for Friday and remembered he loves bolognese the best. Am I a nice girl? yeah I know.  and of course, it was so yummy and made him say "Mmmmm....*with his eyes closed*"
Surprisingly he never had Carbonara until I made here but now it's already ranked in his 2nd favorite foods :) 
I like seasoning food using many kinds of (at least 2 or 3 kinds) spices and it helps me not overuse salt. Do you know how too much intake salt? Using 1 clove of garlic and a few kinds of spices really do season your food nicely even you don't use salt at all. (Of course I use salt a little but just to finish up/complete it before serving.) What makes me happy lately is that John's started to say "that was salty" mentioning a food (pre-made food which you only have to heat up in a pan) which he used to have often before. It's a little tiny effort I make everyday but now it's becoming a big difference. :) 
How do you cook healthy & yet eat delicious? 
Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe. Real simple.

スパゲッティ ボロネーゼは一番簡単でどこのお母さんも作る料理の一つだと思う。今日(土曜日)、ジョンがまたフライトだから、前日の夕食にと思って作った :D ジョンの一番好きな食べ物がボロネーゼって言ってたからね。優しいっしょ? もちろん、すごくおいしくできて、「オーマイガー! 何てアメイジングなんだ!」って言って目閉じて味わってた! 
いつも料理の時は色んな種類のスパイス使ってシーズニングするのが好きで、そのお陰で塩の使用量も減らせるの。塩分の取り過ぎは百害あって一利無しだからね。ニンニク1欠片と数種類の香辛料で塩を使わなくても十分おいしく、素材の味を活かして食べられる(もちろん塩は少し使うけど、盛りつけ直前の味の仕上げ程度)。最近嬉しかったのは、ジョンが今まで頻繁に食べてた調理済みの(フライパンで温め直すだけみたいな既製品)料理を、こないだ食べたときに「あれちょっとしょっぱいかったね」って言い出したこと。毎日の小さい心がけが大きい変化になってきてるんだよね :) すごくやりがいを感じるし、彼の健康は私が守るってモチベーションアップになってる今日この頃 :D

Canned/ bottled Tomato sauce (whole tomato, Arrabbiata, whatev. トマトソース) 800g
Onion (Mサイズ・玉ねぎ) 1- Medium sieze minced 刻む
Garlic (ニンニク) 1 clove finely minced 刻む
Carrot (M~L にんじん)  1 or 2 sticks (I used 2 for more veges.) finely chopped 
Ground meat (ひき肉) 250g
Powder/ Cube Consomméclear soup (コンソメ 2つ) 2 teaspoon
Oregano powder (オレガノ 1~2つまみ) 1~2 pinches 
Ginger powder (生姜パウダー 1~2つまみ) 1~2 pinches
Soy-sauce (醤油 大さじ1) 1 tablespoon 
Dried basil flakes (乾燥バジル 適量) for topping
Salt & Black petter to taste if needed

1 In a large pan, heat 1 table spoon of olive oil and fry garlic until golden brown. Add chopped onion.

2 When onion gets soft/clear, dump carrot to fry till well heated.

3 Add ground meat and scatter oregano & ginger powder. Break the ground meat up fine with a wooden/plastic spatula.

4 Pour totamo sauce into the pan, add Consomméclear soup over it. Mix well. 

5 Drop 1 table spoon of soy sauce. Secret seasoning to complete your cooking ;)

6 Salt or pepper to taste if ever needed. I didn't need though. A tiny pinch of dried basil flakes on the top of the sauce. 

Bon Appétit!


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