Delicious Tacos!

For Sunday dinner, I made Tacos! Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions, Salsa sauce.... Mmm....watering mouth? ;) Here's the recipe. As you know, Easy&Yummy!

日曜の夕食はタコス作りました!みずみずしいトマト、レタス、オリーブにフレッシュオニオン、メキシコの日差しをたっぷり浴びて出来たサルサソース...Mmmm!ジュルって感じ? ;)
Bon Appétit!

For 2 portions
Tortillas 2~3 each (トルティーヤ)
Lettuce 3 layers (レタス 3枚)
Tomatoes 2 (Large) (トマトLサイズ)
Onions 2 (Medium) (玉ねぎM又はSサイズ)
Sliced black olives 2 tablespoon or more (オリーブの実 種が抜いてあるもの)
Beef patty meat 500g (牛ひき肉)
Tacos chili powder 1 package (タコス用チリパウダー)
Water 200cc (水)
Bottled Salsa sauce 1 (サルサソース)
Grated cheese 1 cup (細かいチーズ 200g)

1 Cut fine lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Set aside with some slices olives for topping.

2 Fry beef patty meat in a pan until brown. Add Tacos chili powder and water 200cc. You're done when it drains.

Bring it to "no-waterly".水気がなくなればok

Almost ready to bite~

3 Heat up a little tortillas on both side. 軽くトルティーヤを温める。

4 Grab toppings and put Salsa on it to complete! 

Want avocado sauce/dip, too? アボカドディップも欲しい?
For 4 persons
Avocado 1 (アボカド)
Onion 30g (玉ねぎ)
Lemon juice (100%) 1 tablespoon (レモン汁 大さじ1)
Salt & black petter to taste (塩・胡椒少々)
Tabasco some (タバスコ少々)
*Put them all in a blender or chop up.

Yum yum


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