Yummy& Chewyy Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi ♥♥♥ (No Egg))

Sunday dinner, home alone but fine, was delicious chewy chewyyy Gnocchi. Needless to say, I'm addicted. There are a hundred kinds of sauce to eat with gnocchi but I think cheese based one is perfect. Drop a tiny bit of butter over just-boiled gnocchi and put hot melting white creamy cheese sauce aaaalll over it! Sprinkle black petter on it, too? Ohhh my goodness so crazy. YUM!
Wish you didn't have a flight, John, and I could say "Mmmmm! BABYYY!.....this gnocchi is amazing." ok, here's the recipe.

日曜日の夕食は、一人だったけど、もぉーーっちもちのニョッキ!言うまでもなく、完全にハマった。ニョッキにかけて食べるソースの種類はいくらでもあるけど、チーズベースのソースが一番おいしいよね。湯でたてのニョッキにちょっとだけバターを落として、熱々のホワイトクリーミーチーズソースをたっぷりかけるの!最後にブラックペッパーも振って。オーーーマイグッネス! Yammyy!
ジョン、フライトがなければよかったのにね、そしたら私が"Mmm Babyyyy!!.....このニョッキおいしいわね。"って言えたのに。

  • Potatoes (ジャガイモ) 350g (I used L~M size of 3 potatoes. L~Mサイズ3つ使用)
  • Enriched flour  (強力粉) 120g (All-purpose flour also works)

*Potatoes: Flour= 3:1* ジャガイモと粉の割合は3:1が目安。これを基準に量も変えられます。

1 Boil, steam, or microwave potatoes and mush them well until smooth.

2 Add separately flour to the mushed potatoes and mix it with spatula. Make it one dough.

3 Sprinkle flour (extra) on the table and form it into 1/2 inch/ 1.5cm width stick shape.

4  Cut it at 1/2inch/1cm length with a knife and round them in your hands.

5 (if you like) Push slightly the center of the dough. It makes it quicker when boil.
(お好みで) 真ん中を軽く押す。早く茹で上がります。

Looks cute. ....just sayin.

You can freeze them at this step. Add some more flour over them not to stick together before put them into Ziplock. You can directly boil frozen gnocchi, no need to defrost. 

6 In a large pot, boil salted water and dump gnocchi. Getting exciting? When they start to come up to the surface of the boiling water, wait for 1 minute, (just 60 sec.! ) and scoop them with a slotted spoon.

Chewy chewy chewyyy 
Bite it 

My favorite sauce for gnocchi: 2 portion (maybe you want more ;))

  • Milk (牛乳) 1/2 cup~ 1 cup/100㏄~150㏄  
  • Any kinds of sliced cheese (スライスチーズ 2枚) 2 slices  
  • Consomméclear soup (コンソメ 適量) 1 teaspoon  
  • Black petter (黒胡椒 適量) some to taste  
  • Basil (バジル 適量) some for flavor   
  • Permesan cheese (パルメザンチーズ 適量) some

1 In a sauce pan, bring milk slightly simmer at medium hear and add 1 teaspoon of consomméclear soup.
2 Melt sliced cheese in the milk. Whisk black petter and basil to season it.

そこへスライスチーズをちぎっていれトロリっとしてきたら お好みの量で黒胡椒・バジルを振る。


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