American inspired chocolate & nuts cookies

Bringing chocolate & nuts cookies to the class was a nice surprise for everyone and they complimented me a lot :) I made them last Friday morning right before heading to school, of course I skipped preview for the lesson but it was worth it! :D I was browsing many cookie recipes and in a while I decided to create my own one, simply because I always end up getting lost which part I was reading or at least taking time to trace the method. These cookies came out so nice, crispy, and nuts and cacao powder gave a great match and yummy smell on them. Perfect snack with milk,...or espresso :) Why not try?

先週の金曜の朝一でこのチョコ・ナッツクッキーを焼いて学校に持って行ったの。みんな気に入ってくれて嬉しかった-!! :) 予習はさぼったけど作った甲斐あったから問題なし笑
色々クッキーのレシピ模索したんだけどやめて自分のクッキーを作ることにした。っていうのもいつも結局どこまで読んでたかわかんなくなるし(いつも使うのは英語のレシピだから字がちっさくて見失う) 少なくとも文章をたどる時間ロスがめんどくさくて。
サクサクでカカオとナッツの香りがたまらないミルクと相性完璧。エスプレッソと一緒に大人目に食べてもおいしい。試してみて :)

Butter (バター) (room temperature 室温) 1cup (2 sticks)
All-purpose flour (小麦粉) 2 cups
Baking powder (ベーキングパウダー) 1 teaspoon
Unsweetened cocoa powder (純ココア) 6 tablespoon
Salt (塩 小さじ1) 1 teaspoon
Sugar (砂糖1/2 cup
Vanilla extra 1 teaspoon
Mix nuts  roughly chopped (ミックスナッツ 粗く刻む) 50g

1 Microwave butter for 1 minute or until it all melts. In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder .
2 In a large bowl (different from powder mixed one), mix well butter and sugar.

3 Add separately powder into the bowl with salt. When mixed well with butter-sugar mixture, add the rest of the powder.
Becomes like this.

4 Add chopped nuts and mix with the dough with spatula by slashing it. *Not knead*
Becomes like this
5 Start preheating the oven at 350F (170~180C). Grab a tablespoon or ice cream spoon to scoop the dough onto the oven paper. Line them nicely.

6 Bake them for 12 min. Don't bite yet till they get cool down ;)
12分焼く。粗熱がとれるまでまだかじっちゃだめ ;)



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