Perfect Dip Sauce for Fried Fish! PLEASE. TRY.

I could say this sauce was such a genius development. Really really delicious and I'm sure you couldn't help adding more of it. It works well not only for fried fish, but for grilled chicken, avocado salad, vegetable sticks, and so on. I would indeed like you to try this sauce. Just mix ingredients, dip it, eat it,...and you'd lick the dishhh! Here's the method. 

このディップソースは画期的な発明って言っていいかも。。ってぐらいおいしい!!! きっとヤミツキになってどんどん欲しくなっちゃうよ ;) 白身魚のフライとは完璧な相性だけど、グリルドチキン、アボカドサラダ、ベジスティック、等々何にでも合うから是非試してほしいソース。ただ材料混ぜるだけだから、ぜ・ひ!!

[Perfect Dip Sauce for 4 portions 4人分 (一人当たり3~4切れ)]

Small size Onion 1/2~1/3 玉ねぎ 8分の1
Mayonnaise 12 Tablespoon マヨネーズ 大さじ12
Ketchap 4 Tablespoon ケチャップ 大さじ4
Mastard 4 Tablespoon マスタード 大さじ4
Milk 1 1/2 Tablespoon 牛乳大さじ1+1/2
Garlic 1 Piece にんにく1欠片(にんにくチューブでもok)
Salt 1 Pinch 塩ひとつまみ
Black Pepper to taste 黒こしょう 少々

If you have a blender, mix all the ingredients and you're done. If you don't have a blender, chop up Onion into pieces as tiny as possible, and mix all other ingredients.


Bon Appétit!


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