Since I moved to Germany, cooking's got my new addiction and early this month I made my cooking post . And here this is new kind of post start: recipe :) I love eating and cooking, so why don't I give it a try? I do my best to make easy-to-understand guide with pictures. If you have any suggestions and ideas, I would love to have them! 
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ドイツに引っ越して来てから料理が新しい趣味になって、今月の初めに料理のポスト作ったの。それでこれがNew Try: レシピ :) 食べるのも作るのも大好きだから、やってみようかなと思って、火曜日に作ったカルボナーラから始めてみるよ :D 何かアイディアとか提案があったら是非教えてね! 

For 2 portions...

  • Spaghetti     200g      スパゲッティ(太さ1.6mm)
  • Olive oil      some オリーブオイル
  • Garlic      1 piece  にんにく
  • Onion         1/2  玉ねぎ
  • Bacon     8 slices ベーコン
  • Cream      200ml  生クリーム
[A] Carbonara sauce
  • Egg   4    卵
  • Cream      50cc 生クリーム
  • Parmesan cheese     90g パルメザンチーズ
  • Salt     1 tea spoon 塩
  • Black pepper   1~2 pinches 黒こしょう 

1: In a bowl, mix all together [A], onion, garlic, and bacons set aside. 
2: Boil spaghetti 1 minute less than the package guides. *Keep 1 ladle of hot water of this *

3: Put 1 tea spoon olive oil in a pan and garlic. When it starts to smell good, fry bacon and add onion after bacon changes its color.

4: Add Cream (50g), boiled water (from Spaghetti), and spaghetti.

5: Put away from the heat and add [A] into the pan QUICKLY. 

* If heated too much, egg gets clotty and dry. The point is to put the pan over a dishcloth when mix [A]

Add some ground petter and parmesan cheese if needed. お好みで粗挽きこしょうやパルメザンチーズを加えて。

 Bon Appétit!


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