Nice color :) Green Pea Soup!

Saturday dinner was one of best ones, which was colored with nice green pea soup. I never made soup from one vegetable like this (e.x. pumpkin, potato, tomato, carrot etc), but since I got BRAUN Multi Quick for 3rd Xmas present, I couldn't want to make green pea soup as 1st creation of vegetable one. So here it is. Tastes great, smells nice, and makes the table more colorful. Note* I HATE green pea but I can handle with the soup (only soup) and John LOVES green pea, so I gave it a try..
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土曜の夕食は越して来てから最高においしい夕食の一つになった。グリーンピーススープでワンカラープラスされて :) 今までこういう一種類の野菜からスープって作ったことはなかったんだけど、3つ目のクリスマスプレゼントにブラウンのマルチクイック(これはリクエスト)をもらってからすっごい作りたかったの :D すごくおいしくできたし何しろテーブルがカラフルになるのがいいね-"もっと見る"をクリックしてレシピ見てね :)

[2~3 servings]

Frozen Green Pea (グリーンピース) 2cups/400g
Onion (たまねぎ) 1. Cut into 1/2 inch size (1cmちょっとくらいに切る(後でミキサーにかける)
Water (水) 300cc
Milk (牛乳) 2cups/400cc
Cube Bouillon (コンソメキューブ)  2 cubes or 2 teaspoons
Salt & Black petter (塩コショウ) to taste 適量
Butter バター 20g
Cream cheese (クリームチーズ ) 20g
Milk (牛乳 小さじ2弱) 2 teaspoons

1 In a pot, boil green pea quick or microwave it to defrost. It doesn't have to be perfectly soft, just until each pieces gets slightly warm.
2 Melt butter and fry onion and grean pea.

3 Add 150g water and stir until onion and green pea get soft enough. Pour extra water if needed.

4 Scatter Bouillon and when it melts out, put it into the blender/electric mixer.

5 Put it back into a pot (not pan), add 400g milk and keep stirring not to burn it. Salt and petter it to taste.

6 In a small mug, mix cream cheese and 2 teaspoons of milk and microwave for 1 min. Mix it well till smooth.

7 Finish! Drop cream cheese-milk mixture onto the soup. Serve while it's hot :) Bon Appétit!
スープの中央にたらして完了。熱いうちにサービングしね :)

Yum yuuumm


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