Soft, puffy cookies: Cinnamon-coconuts & Walnuts-Jack Daniel's

Cinnamon & coconuts cookie
and this is Walnuts & Jack Daniel's cookie 

Sunday evening, yes some hours after we had handmade pizza, I started to make cookies as snack. We didn't need to have dinner, but wanted something small to bite... "Want cookies?"
Since I've been so trying to figure out how to make chewy cookies lately, it gave me a good chance to try it again this night. I don't want to admit, but even this time, they didn't come out "chewy" one which I wanted again... But I gotta say, I made a big progress and I do love these as one of various cookies. Plus, it made again John say "Mmm.....*with eyes closed* Das its lecker (it's pretty good.)" Yay for me! So, on this post, I should file the recipe :) Now I'm almost finding how to make chewy cookies which I'd try soon. If you also like soft, puffy cookies besides chewy ones, please check this recipe out.
Easy as always :D

日曜の夜、手作りピザ作った後、クッキー作った! "夕飯いらないけど何かスナック欲しいよね。。。「クッキー食べる?」"って流れで。
アメリカにいたときによく食べたチュウィー(しっとりやわらかい..若干歯にくっつくような生地の)なクッキーをどうしても作れるようになりたくて(ドイツに全くないんだもん)、ずっと試行錯誤してたから昨日はいいタイミングだった。悔しいけど、残念ながら今回も私が望んでた"チュウィー"には届かなかった~。でも、かなり前進!!ふんわりやわらく、しっとり感がしっかり残ったまま一晩経っても変わらない♥♥♥ しかも今回もじょんは"Mmm....うま!"って言ってうなったまましばらく目閉じてたし笑 上出来上出来♥これはこの種類のクッキーとしてokでしょ!

Cinnamon-coconuts cookies (the 1st picture)

  • All-purpose flour (小麦粉) 130g
  • Baking powder (ベーキングパウダー) 5g
  • Brown sugar (ブラウンシュガー) 80g
  • Large egg (L-卵) 1
  • Butter (バター 室温) 60g melted/softened
  • Cinnamon powder (シナモンパウダー) 10g
  • Coconuts flakes/fine (ココナッツフレーク) 20g
  • Vanilla extract (バニラエッセンス) 5g/1 teaspoon

Walnuts-Jack Daniel's (the 2nd picture)-the same recipe/method

  • All-purpose flour (小麦粉) 130g
  • Baking powder (ベーキングパウダー) 5g
  • Brown sugar (ブラウンシュガー) 80g
  • Large egg (L-卵) 1
  • Butter (バター 室温) 60g melted/softened
  • Any whisky (ウィスキー) 15~20cc/1 Tablespoon
  • Walnuts (クルミ) 20g
  • Vanilla extract (バニラエッセンス) 5g/1 teaspoon
1: Preheat the oven at 180C (360F). Melt the butter or soften and add brown sugar to it. Mix until smooth.

2: Dump flour, baking powder, coconuts flakes, cinnamon (Walnuts-Jack Daniel's doesn't need cinnamon and coconuts), and vanilla extract, (& Jack Daniel's and walnuts).

It should look like this. こんな感じ。ぺったり手につくような質感。

3: Roll the dough in your hands or tablespoons and line them on the baking sheet. Press the dough slightly to make the surface flat. Bake for 8~10 minutes. Don't over bake, or they get crispy.

4: Move them to a wire rack to cool. Cinnamon and coconuts flakes are perfect match!

Mmm :) Just 4 steps. Please try!


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