Teriyaki & Margherita Pizza!-Whole wheat flour dough

Sunday lunch, we made all handmade Pizza. Teriyaki and Margherita. I can't come up with other words besides "That was amazing". Hot, crispy, nicely baked basil and tomatoes were insanely gorgeous, and the whole kitchen was full of yummy smell from oven.. And maybe because of "all handmade" made us taste more delicious. What else could beat this lunch makes you Mmm! 
When you have time with your family, handmade Pizza is one of the greatest foods to make, I think.
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  • Bread/Strong flour (強力粉-全粒粉使用) 250g I used Whole wheat one..healthier? :D 
  • Olive oil (オリーブオイル) 15g 
  • Salt & Sugar (塩 & 砂糖) Each 1 pinch 
  • Dry yeast (ドライイースト) 2~3g 
  • Egg (卵) 1/4 
  • Milk (牛乳) 65cc 
  • Water (水) 80cc
[Topping I used this time]-Whatever, As much as you like 好きなもの何でも、好きなだけ
Teriyaki Pizza
  • Egg (卵) 1 Hard boiled
  • Hamburg dough (ハンバーグのたね 半分) 1/2
  • Champignon (マッシュルーム 3~4個) 3~4 pieces Sliced
  • Some Pizza cheese (ピザ用チーズ 少々)
  • Mayonnaise (マヨネーズ 小さじ1~2) 1~2 Teaspoon 
  • Teriyaki sauce (照り焼きソース 大さじ1) 1 Tablespoon Scatter  
  • Green onion (ネギ 大さじ1) 1 Tablespoon
MargheritaWe added Salami that John asked for.
  • Arrabbiata sauce (アラビアータ 大さじ4~5) 4~5 Table spoon
  • Salami (サラミ) 6 slices 
  • Fresh Basil leaves (バジルの葉っぱ 欲しいだけ) some
  • Tomatoes (トマト 欲しいだけ) some
  • Mozzarella cheese (モッツァレラ 欲しいだけ) 6~7 slices
  • Pizza cheese (ピザ用チーズ 少々) some

1: In a large bowl, mix all ingredients-flour, oil, salt & sugar, yeast, milk, and water-, and make it a dough. 

2: Rest the dough for 30 minutes. Separate them into 2 balls and rest in the fridge for one night. Continue next morning! If you want to finish making pizza within the day really bad, go ahead. 

 3: Preheat the oven at 250℃ (480°F). Press out the dough at 2~3mm and bake it quick till slightly brown. When light brown, take it out from oven and finish up decorating!
オーブンを250度に予熱。 生地を2~3ミリの厚さに伸ばし、オーブンで少し焦げ目が付くくらい焼く。ピザ生地が焼けたら、ピザを仕上げる!
flighting with the olive can...

4: Bake Pizzas at 180~190℃ (360~380°F) for 15min. Can you imagine how these made John's face look. Heaven. We were both like "*Silence* ......OH...MY.....GOD....*with eyes closed*"
Long work was really worth it. Seriously. 
180~190度で15分くらい焼く。チーズがこんがり焦げ始めたらok. ピザかじった時のジョンの顔想像出来る? 二人とも"*目つぶったまま*・・・OH......MY.....GOD"ありえないくらいうまい。

 Want a bite? ;) 
Buon ♡♡♡ appetito!!


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