Carrot Gnocchi

Last Tuesday, when John came back from flight,  we had Carrot gnocchi (with Potato one which was frozen) for dinner. Adding other colors of gnocchi makes it look prettier. The recipe is the same as Potato gnocchi. You can arrange the ingredients substituting pumpkin, spinach, or even fruits (never tried tho) for potatoes. Step by step pictures. Please check it out!
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Carrot (にんじん) 350g
Enriched flour  (強力粉) 120g (All-purpose flour also works)
*Potatoes/Carrot/Pumpkin etc: Flour= 3:1*

1 Boil, steam, or microwave carrots and mush them well until smooth.

2 Add separately flour to the mushed potatoes and mix it with spatula. Make it one dough.

3 Sprinkle flour (extra) on the table and form it into 1/2 inch/ 1.5cm width stick shape.

4  Cut it at 1/2inch/1cm length with a knife and round them in your hands.

5 (if you like) Push slightly the center of the dough. It makes it quicker when boil.
 (お好みで) 真ん中を軽く押す。早く茹で上がります。

6 In a large pot, boil salted water and dump gnocchi. Getting exciting? When they start to come up to the surface of the boiling water, wait for 1 minute, and scoop them with a slotted spoon.

~* Sauce I used *~
Milk (牛乳) 1/2 cup~ 1 cup/100㏄~150㏄  
Any kinds of sliced cheese (スライスチーズ 2枚) 2 slices  
Consomméclear soup (コンソメ 適量) 1 teaspoon  
Black petter (黒胡椒 適量) some to taste  
Basil (バジル 適量) some for flavor  
Permesan cheese (パルメザンチーズ 適量) some  

1 In a sauce pan, bring milk slightly simmer at medium hear and add 1 teaspoon of consomméclear soup.
2 Melt sliced cheese in the milk. Whisk black petter and basil to season it.

フライパンに中火で牛乳を温め、ふつふつ湧いてきたらコンソメを入れる。 そこへスライスチーズをちぎっていれトロリっとしてきたら お好みの量で黒胡椒・バジルを振る。

Bon Appétit!


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