Simple, delicious Tomato Risotto

On St. Valentine's day, after my birthday, I wanted to go healthy & warm food to "clean" my stomach/body. John and I celebrated my 23rd birthday at a nice starred ☆☆☆ restaurant on 13th evening, which was so fantastic and gorgeous. But you know, after having huge, Birthday dinner (and plenty of cakes), you might feel like eating light and low-fat (hopefully almost no-fat).
So I decided to make this tomato risotto that was simply seasoned with spices and yet delicious. No way, my body would reject extra butter or glossy food shining from oil...yuck.
This risotto was so easy as always, and pretty much tomatoes are satisfying. Serve with salad and soup so that you would be staffed even though you don't eat much and no need to go another helping.

いつも通り簡単たけど、たっくさんのトマトで満足感高いし、サラダ、スープもつければ摂取カロリー低いまま満腹になるでしょ :) 白人は"ばっかり"食べ(品数少ない)が多いからおかわり増えて太るんだよね。じょんにはそうはさせないわ笑

2 portion
Rice 150~200g cooked (ご飯 150~200g (1合ちょい) --->炊く)
Canned whole tomato 800g (ホールトマト缶 800g)
Onion 2 Small size minced (S 玉ねぎ2個 刻む)
Carrot 1 Medium size finely chopped (Mにんじん1本 刻む)
Garlic 1 clove minced (ニンニク1欠片)
consommé soup powder 1 Teaspoon (1 cube) (コンソメ 1個)
Salt & Pepper to taste (塩こしょう適量)
dried Basil flakes, oregano powder, ginger powder (I always use some spices on any food for more flavor) (乾燥バジル、オレガノ、生姜パウダー: 使った香辛料)

1: In a deep frying pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil, fry garlic till golden brown. Add in minced onion. When onion looks clear and soft, add chopped carrot till heated well.

2: Add 800g whole tomato and 1 teaspoon of consommé soup powder in the pan. Mush tomatoes with a wooden spatula. When well heated, dump cooked rice in. Season with some spices and salt & pepper.
You're done :)

Gute Appetit!


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