Outfit of the day: Pale Pink to Go Feminine

Spring knit: H&M
Pink denim: ZARA
Sandals: Bershka
Enamel bag: ZARA
Owl ring: H&M
Butterfly Pierces: Claires

Taken by my talented sister, Haruka. She did a great job as always :)
This outfit is one of my favorite ones and was what I wanted to share with you for a long time before summer comes. This shot taken right after I came back from Narita airport spent with John last Sunday and I couldn't wait so long till let them show up here today hehe :) As you see, it's easy combination: just Spring knit and similar color shorts that would match with darker colors-brown. I sometime like to mix up the same kind of colors for one outfit to balance the total look. Putting tons of accessories on is so fun as well but actually I don't have that many of them and not so many clothes in my closet. then I need to use my brain a lot (haha) to make many kinds of combinations of my looks. In Summer, I almost always wear short denim because it's cool to wear them in humid and crazily hot Summer in Tokyo and it's a good chance to show off my legs (being looked by people is a good way to focus your concentration on your body when you want to get in shape, isn't it? :D) in public. So you'll see me wearing short denim a lot this season here :)

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