Sunday Look 6/5 Just one blouse on

Boiled shirt: ZARA
Pale pink short denim: ZARA
Baker boots: ZARA
Accessories: Forever21
Handbag: GAP

Outfit for this time is very simple. Since it's been getting warmer and warmer day by day, putting one smooth touch blouse on should be good for recent weather. I was wondering if I should match the blouse with yellow ripped denim or this pink one before I left home because I've been adoring them a lot since I bought them..but this seems like a good combination after all. I am not sure if you like this outfit but it's actually so comfortable to wear all day long and I like when the silk-touch blouse rubs my skin :) After this photo shooting, John and I went shopping. I'll make a photo diary post very soon :)
Hope your weekend went fantastic as well! xxx

すぐにフォトダイアリーで更新するよー♪ xxx

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  1. Love the outfit! It amazes me that something can be so simple, but still look very stylish. I definitely don't have that talent.

    And it's kind of random, but I'm glad you post in Japanese as well. I majored in college but haven't used it in months and feel like I'm starting to forget it. So this is one way of at least being able to read it...though I should probably study lol

  2. Thanks so much Onjel! I don't have any talent about fashion but just like wearing comfortable clothes to feel relaxed all day :)
    Cool! You majored in JPN language? thanks for telling me it might help you to learn it. Now I surely decided to write Japanese translation with Eng. on each post (it could be only in Eng. sometime!hehe). Thanks again for checking my blog <3 xxx


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