Eyes catch you in the dark

I wanted to do something dark colors for eyemakeup this time and decided to mix black with blue. I thought the gradation of these colors separated on the middle of the crease might come out nice but ended up this conclusion. Applying vivid blue on the lids with angles look more sharp in plenty of black...doesn't it? This time I didn't look for anything to get inspiration from magazine, fashion trend, and objects. Actually I was playing with eyeshadows to see what the result would be like :)
Interested in how I did this? Please continue reading :) Xx
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Take matte touch eyeshadow base all over your crease with finger. I'd prefer NYX crayon type e/s base (light beige) or MAC cream color base-Pearl. 

Take a wide fluffy brush with black eyeshadow by REVLON and apply ALL OVER the crease.
From the inner corner to underneath/or over browbone.

Blend it out well until you don't see the harsh line using the wide and soft pencil brushes.

On BYS Metallic shadow pallet, you see two kinds of shiny blacks. Get the blacker shadow first and put between browbone and the lid. It gets even more black and shady.

Another one, more metallic black to highlight the browbone.
Can you see the difference?

Now grab dark shiny blue eyeliner to fill in the lid. I used KATE (JPN brand). Crayon type or matter touch liner would be preferred for long lasting. Pencil type should be too sharp for lids (thing and sensitive skin part!) and you'd feel a pain.
Wing it out. My favorite. Angles make it more feminine, tempting, sexy eyes. 
Add the blue underneath the lash line. Make it a little bit thick where the liner is.

Use black eyeliner which is NOT sharp and round top to smudge the harsh line.

Use the angle brush to blend it up and make it smoky.

Beautiful ocean blue! by BYS the same metallic pallet. Take some on the angle brush and pat it all over the lid.

I like how the color come out so nicely!
After adding it to the angle, gently trace the lower lash line.

Use the same black eyeliner to fill in the water line. Don't hurt your eyeballs!

If you want to add mascara, (don't need fake lashes for this makeup :)) comb lashes toward the right hand side (in these pics); not straight upward like normal makeup. This makes your lashes of the outer corner of the eye longer without fake ones.

You're done! Easy, isn't it?
Hope you enjoyed it :)


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