Let me make you mine.

I finally got to take some photos for the first time in a week. Right after seeing my old coworker at Shibuya, I went to the hair salon to get my hair straight (not straight perm.) and then went to ZARA and GAP for random strolls. Yes, you know I bought new clothes :) What do you think about the combination in the picture above?

I've already have and worn the different color Voile blouse  and been looking for white or more pale colors of this blouse. This pink suddenly came into my eyes and I was caught for a while with my mouth opened. "oh my gaahdd..." In this fitting room, they became mine hehe. Do you like the green short denim? It's actually been in my head all the time since colorful shorts started to be sold at the shops. I was trying to forget about it but couldn't resist it after all because now they're on early Summer sale and colors keep killing me.

And let me say...I am sorry I know my blog is getting boring due to a lot LESS posting and activities (what I do, where I go, who I meet, etc) and stuff. Being busy working can't be excuse for it and I admit my laziness :( I hope you..who's now reading my blog right now stays tuned even from now on. I couldn't be more thankful that you're reading this and you have no idea how important you are to me in order to stay motivated even I've posted less these days.

where I used to walk. On the way to the hair salon.
Today's outfit---- Neon color print transparent T: ZARA
Studded denim shorts: Forever XXI
Sandals: ZARA
Leather Bag: ZARA

Matched with the green shorts. I love when colors get crushed

Hope your weekend is going great! :)


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