Sunday Look 6/26 Black Cropped Top

Tie dye cropped top: Forever21
Studded denim shorts: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Sandals: Bershka

Gloomy sky even made my outfit this way. This whole weekend I really had no one to ask for photo shooting and had to use the camera timer. Imagine me coming back to the camera each time I hear the shot to set the timer over and over again haha. You have no idea how long it took me only for these shots ;) However I can pose whatever I like on self-timer without shy-feeling minding people's eyes walking by me and photographer's mind. Who cares. This is me.. I want you to know me while I am here :)

こんな天気がアウトフィットまでモノトーンにしちゃった。結局この週末写真撮影頼める人が誰もいなくてタイマーを使って撮った。想像して、毎回シャッター音がするたびにカメラの場所に戻って設定し直すの笑 たったこれだけの撮影にどれだけ時間がかかるかなんて想像もつかないと思う ;) でもこうやって撮ると外で撮影するのと違うから人目気にしなくて良くて楽だったりする。撮影してくれるひとが何考えて撮ってるのかなーとかも。でもカンケーないよね。これが自分。:)

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I'll upload this makeup later.
Sending my love with hugs and kisses to you :)


  1. Simple but stylish! Really like what I can see of the sandals too.

  2. Thank you so much for liking it and sweet comment:) Another makeup post is coming soon too!


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