my heart is full of emotions

How was your Friday night?
Mine? Fantastic.

I'm sorry I know I haven't posted here since Monday or Tuesday. It's been so hectic days since our company's started FIRING some of my coworkers and some of us have to share jobs that fired people did. So there's much stuff that I need to remember and do without mistake to let things go smoothly. I cannot get my coworkers into troubles just because I started what she used to do.. then I always end up working overtime for it..hehe  Friday night, finally released me from those days and let me have much fun with my (let me say) soul friend.

Thankfully, I'm having more people who check my blog day by day. many of my friends have given me sweet words for my blog and my work on Facebook, texts (on my phone), comments, and more.
I want to share 2 of them with you here.

Even only a few words to compliment my work really help me get motivated 100 times more. Knowing there are people check my blog makes me feel I need do make at least one more post..

I'm trying to make as many posts as I can no matter where I am, unless the Internet rejects me. Thank you so much for supporting, complimenting, checking  my work though what I'm going cannot reach famous bloggers..


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