Finally Got Connected Again

I'd been disconnected to the Internet for 4 days or so. Now I can finally make posts again here and see my friends on Facebook etc for updates! Gotta be thankful to be able to do what I normally can do.
Wanted to put photos of X'mas presents that my boyfriend gave me here, though it's been a little while since Christmas ended...('cause of no internet :S)
The biggest, the most amazing (all amazing tho!) one is this fabulous fur coat by ESPRIT 

The fur is removable. It's long enough for me to stay pretty warm, and the thick belt and its big buckle is so trendy!
 I don't need words.

I still clearly remember when I had the package and saw the beautifully shining Tiffany&Co.!
This is so fantastic! It even makes me feel hesitant to wear this because I'm not sure if I deserve it. 
Beside these presents, I got German calendar from his mother, and Christmas CD from his father. Too bad is I couldn't make it his present since I didn't know he got me one until John came over to my house for Christmas party. So I promised him to get him one for his birthday..

Thanks so much again for those wonderful presents! 

From me, for his mom, I could get her one since I could know about 1 week before that she bought me something for present.
That is Swarovski Rainbow Stone (shines in rainbow color) necklaces.

This gold metal box is limited design only for Christmas.

The girl staff at the luxury shop told me much stuff to choose good one for a lady who is over middle age. She said that gold color chain makes her look more elegant and graceful more than silver one. I agreed.
"And what's been popular lately is this brilliant stone shines in rainbow color", she added. ah hah! looks even better than normal one, though it still looks beautiful. After debating which would be great, I decided to have this for his mom.
I wished I could've seen her sometime least during Christmas season. She was looking for a good coat for me with John walking a lot for hours even though her legs ache and kept looking through shops holding many coats on their arms! I can't even say thank you from my mouth. If she can take a look at my blog, I'd be happy 'cause I could show her my feelings directly, not via John :D (since I always ask him to say thanks and hello to his family)

Well I could have such a great Christmas with my mom, sis, and John this year. It was the happiest one in my life. Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

w/sis 12/28


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