I Wish You a Happy New Year

Thinking back of this year, I have had so much stuff from many people, places, and opportunities to improve myself. In the beginning of this year I was wondering what my 21st year would be like. Would I keep working so hard until I save enough for study abroad in U.S.A.? but it seemed to be endless work 'cause international students need to pay for ridiculous huge money for school, especially Japanese ones. Though I'd been working well since I graduated from a college, I was almost lost after visiting my aunt in Montana state, U.S. in March.

Getting to know John totally changed the direction for my life in a positive way. We actually got to know each other in the end of February, but I left Japan for Montana right after that. I was going to get new job once I came back here, but something stopped me to, which turned out to be correct decision. He and I have made a great relationship since then and I've been thinking of studying in Germany later on this year. I'd like to move there by September or at least by December for an admission in January 2012. I haven't done anything to start this out yet but I'm learning German by myself...it's actually way more tough than I thought 'cause I'm still being confused with article which is used before a noun to show whether the noun refers to a particular example of something or to a general example of something...it makes me doubt it's general saying that Japanese is the most difficult  language in the world though we use 3 kinds of characters. But I'd definitely be good at German in a year :)

What I've started is making videos on Youtube about makeup and doing blog in English. Since my webcam got broken (I don't know why), I haven't done any video, but I've been blogging! :D Blogging is now a part of my life. Writing things out is a really good way to think back about what I've done and it does help me trace and remember my memories. I've been a blogger for...almost 4 years. wow haha when I look at archives which I made in 2008, it always makes me laugh because I was a girl who was struggling with too much study work in a college and trying to sound funny over much homework in middle of night..I used to stay up unitl 2 or 3am with essay, reading textbooks for next class, everyday 100 vocab. quiz, and so on..Hah it sounds so familiar. I'm so matured now. I want to grow up more and more next year xD

New Year Resolution
1. Acquire as many qualifications as I can and expand my knowledge.
2. Make it moving to Germany and entrance to a college/University.
3. Be happy at any time
4. Don't regret, move on.
5. Work hard, play hard.

I'll never stop trying and find something new. Wish you a happy happy new year! and I hope you'll be great in 2011!


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