Let's Go Back To the Hotel!

We got so stuffed...but still some time left.. why not go to Forever 21 just opened in Shibuya on 23rd Dec.!!
It was pretty busy but we found out it's sooo huge!! 5 or 6 floors total O_O LOVE it!

I was looking for good accessories and found these long necklaces. I was wondering which I should take... xS all good but should choose one....then he bought me all 3 eventually! It feels like I got another Christmas present here. I really appreciate it, John. I really do.
I'll definitely wear one of them on Monday for work!
Caught the train to go back to the Airport. 

This hotel is where we always stay at.

Cute reindeeers welcomed us.
Morning. Bright sunlight flooded the room.
This is the lobby. 

He's flying back again✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ 
"when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile 'cause you're amazingJust the way you are"


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