Very Last Dinner 2010!

It's because my sister went out to her boyfriend to celebrate new year together, my mom and I are at home. We decided to order delicious Italian course from Napoli's Oven for last dinner after my mom came back from work. Since it is going to be last meal this year, something fancy would be good plus it's kind of tiresome to cook much at last night..don't you think? So these are what we JUST had for dinner.

This Margherita was too amazingly delicious! The smell of basil and tomato spread out the kitchen once I opened up. Thinly baked pizza dough was great: inside was a bit chewy and outside was just good crispy. My mouth was filled with hot tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese xD Mmmmm!♡ Can't forget the taste!

Basil Pesto Pasta. This was also great. Flavorful basil and olive oil were well balanced with al dente pasta

Fried Herb Chicken with basil paste. I was shocked when I bit it. It was amazingly tender. I doubted if it really was chicken lol I think this was the most tender chicken I've ever had. 

For dessert, I had Tiramis├╣ and my mom had Mango Panna cotta.

Tonight's dinner was so great though it was easy. Hope you're having a great day as the last day this year.


  1. omg, that food looks totally delicious, mmmmmmmmmm :) xxxx

  2. ah i want that pizza and all the other food. you made me hungry now. Looks great.


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