The Greatest Christmas Ever!!

I made it such a wonderful Christmas with John this year. This time was actually my first X'mas to spend with someone I love. on 23rd he came over to my house and celebrate the night with my mom and sister. We had so much fun all together. Enjoyed big dinner, exchanging presents, and endless conversation. Unfortunately my mom had work on 24th so we made one day early party. Next day I took John to Tokyo to show him great places with illumination which were Tokyo Midtown and Omotesando.
[Tokyo Midtown]-->See what's Tokyo Midtown

This is called Grass Park located in front of Midtown building. It was amazingly beautiful. It kept me speechless because it was the most wonderful illumination I've ever seen.

Tokyo Tower
On our way back, we found the wedding dress shop on the street. That looked so gorgeous! And he asked me how do I like it :D
Since Omotesando's been said that it's one of the most beautiful illumination spots in Tokyo every Winter, I'd wanted to show him here. This night, my plans that take him to Tokyo Midtown and Omotesando worked out well though I never been to Midtown before..was a bit nervous haha
Enjoy photos<3

He and I.

*Big sigh* It was the most fantastic night ever!!! xD Being so much excited and happy with my significant boyfriend in shining illumination on Christmas night. 


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