17 June, 2016

Day 4-World Management Congress 2016 - Goodbyes

Last day, 12th, started with some chaotic issues at the hotel lobby that was crowded with all Asian guests wanting to check out…
Check out time was at 12:00, which also ends my contract for this time. I only needed to help our team check out noon and see off, then I got to be free. 
There were however those who wanted to check out earlier and go to the city for the last sightseeing. I woke up at 10:00, had not noticed my alarm rang, put a quick  makeup on and went downstairs to help them out. I didn't oversleep as we didn't make an appointment time but missed breakfast for the last chance. Oh well..
In a while, everyone checked out, I gathered taxis and saw them off wishing them a safe flight back to Japan. Mission completed.
Our President invited me for lunch two days before and I was really looking forward to it. This is something what you can work hard for. 



Day 3-World Management Congress 2016 - Honors and Full motivation

3rd day! On 11th, it was pretty tough to wake up at 6 since I got to go to bed at 1am last two days. 
As I never fail to miss breakfast, I went downstairs and had nice one with a couple of coffee. 
We got together at the lobby at 8:30 and headed out for the even hall by bus again. 
I got to reunite with her who I've worked with since I got hired. It was so nice to see her again.



16 June, 2016

Day 2-World Management Congress 2016 - The first big day

On 10th, 2nd day in Frankfurt, we had the first big day. The congress was taken place in Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt for 2 days. 
We were blessed to have perfect weathers during this tour. The sun shows up and hides behind the clouds sometime, nice breeze and comfortable temperature. It was such a typical pre-Summer sky.
If I simply named what we did at the congress, that would be "Yes, we can!" or "Let's boost our business". 
We're all about network business. At a congress or a convention, we always do coaching for basic business style to build up your distributor career, a long talk for getting you motivated by CEO, recognitions for achieving titles, announcement of incentive tours and "let's go there together"-talk by top leaders, and parties. 
* I am the one who didn't even know the difference between network business and online shopping. Obviously I am not a distributor. 

翌日10日はコングレス初日。会場は"Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt (百周年記念会館)"で、私たちのホテルから高速を使って約15分くらい。前日から天気にも恵まれて夏の前らしい清々しい朝となりました。

The congress was planned to start at 3pm, that gave us a plenty of free time in the morning.
I took everyone to the city by tram and train. 
What helps my business trip in Germany is that I know transportation here and our customers get to experience it without relying on taxi. 
There are those who had never been to Germany and who had never been even overseas before. It's fun for me to tell them how different the system here is from ours such as how to buy the tickets, how to transit, access to other transportations and so on. It is also a joy for me that I get to see them enjoying their trip.
The photos start from the breakfast buffet. Enjoy it!

ホテルの朝食の写真から載せたので見てみてください^ ^

15 June, 2016

Day 1-World Management Congress 2016 - Reunion with the job

It was such a honor that my former job had contacted me about 2 months ago that they'd need my help for their event in Germany: World Management Congress held in Frankfurt. 
I knew that I'd be living there by then and accepted the chance of reunion with them. 
What they needed me to do was to take care of "Japan team" during the tour that is included in Asia group: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia for 4 days: 9th. to 12th. June. Asian group was composed of 5 countries, c.a. 140 people and for this event they gathered hundreds of people from 40 countries (= subsidiaries)
Most things I do when I make a tour with Japan team are checkin at their hotel, arrangement of transportation, places to eat, being their translator and, assistant for the events, informing them schedules, being their guide for cities (because I live in Frankfurt), and seeing them off either at the hotel or at the airport. 
There's no trip that goes perfectly as planned. Of course the main stream (what we have to do) never changes but small accidents, arrangements, or adjustments always happens, even things that are NOT supposed to happen and end up affecting our allowance. 


Most things I do when I make a tour with Japan team are checkin at their hotel, arrangement of transportation, places to eat, being their translator, informing them schedules, being their guide for cities (because I live in Frankfurt), and seeing them off either at the hotel or at the airport. 
There's no trip that goes perfectly as planned. Of course the main stream (what we have to do) never changes but small accidents, arrangements, or adjustments always happens, even things that are NOT supposed to happen and end up affecting our allowance. 


Anyway, here I make a post about my very first day. From when I left home to the evening. This night just made me feel that I've already worked for 4 days straight. 

前置きはこの辺にして、ここには私の一番最初の日について書きます。家を出てからホテルの部屋に戻るまで。たくさん写真載せたので見てみてください^ ^

Enjoy it!

07 June, 2016

New Suitcase :)

Today we drove to Frankfurt airport which is just 15 min away from home to buy a suitcase for me. 
We can use Jan's discount as a cabin crew ;) I'd always wished I would've had a smaller suitcase for 3-5 nights and now here it is. Yep, Lufuthansa brand that tickls my feeling being in Germany :)
After that we grabbed Starbuck's new Red Berry. It's like frozen berries smoothie with yogurt mixed. Perfect for Summer :)

空港だとじょんのスタッフ割引を使えるからお得なんです ;) 

05 June, 2016

Moved back to Germany!ドイツに戻る

I've moved back to Germany on 12th May. 
The reason is to go to a school. If you were a long-term follower of my blog, you might've know why I went back to Tokyo in 2014. 
The post is here.
In the beginning Jan and I had planed that I would stay in Tokyo for about 5 years max  to save up for school tuition, but being apart for 2 years had been long enough to be gone and I turned 27 which is reaching its limit of the flexibility for "doing whatever I want" (that's what I felt).
In fact, Jan had told me that we don't have to worry about the tuition even before I left Germany in 2014 and this kept me from deciding to leave for a little while. But I'd used up all my money for the language school (2014-2015) and I didn't like the situation that I had to be dependent on his money to stay there. I don't feel independent when I can't pay any more.
So I left, worked, saved up and back here again. As I wrote 2 posts back, I couldn't save up as much as I wanted/was going to but it's better than nothing.  
Now I've been preparing for the class that begins in the end of August.



Obviously I've got a plenty of time until then. I made a membership at the gym that Jan uses on 14th May, 2 days after my come-back and continued going there for 2 weeks (27th) straight from then. 
On my way back home, on 27th, I started to feel some pain in my joints and back. 
I didn't miss my workout routine at home until I left Japan but it had been a while since I used treadmills and other gym equipments last time. 
It was such an overuse of muscle and joints. Too sudden, too often, too much volume in one gym session.
All the pains I've got are now almost gone. whew…. 
I was just mega-happy to be back in the gym and unaware of what I would end up get. Lesson and Learn..
I will share some pictures before this happened. lol 



02 June, 2016

Winter 2015 Spring 2016 My people

Looking through all pictures, I couldn't be more thankful for all friends I got to have by my side. 
I am loved. I think this is all I can say. I love every single one of you who called me for cafe, party, reunion, for your company, and other occasions. 

01 June, 2016

I left my job

I think the biggest highlight of all events since I came back to Japan in 2014 must be that I left my job in 15th April 2016. 
This job was (let me put this way first) the craziest, busiest, cruelest, and yet the greatest job I've ever had. Yes, it was a great time. 
We had so many accidents, gossips, arrangements with such huge time pressure, fights and changes in a short period of time. 
Fortunately I got to have nice people to work with. In fact there are many people who couldn't stand the working environment and left us as well. I had counted them after the first half year since I started to work and we had 5 people left and hired 5 until the last one left. This number is only within the first 6 months. We had more after that. When I joined this company (I got hired in Japanese subsidiary) we were only 8 in the office. Our Japanese branch had started to grow so fast and we were not able to catch up with the speed. 


Endless phone calls, papers piled up on each desk, our lunch was after 4pm (or later), work until the last train (11:30pm-0:00am), and you can't go to see a dr. even you get sick. Every single day. 
The condition of not having enough people and not having solid working flow have caused our health problems (obviously) and losing more people. This was the worse negative chain that I have experienced. Too much work and too big responsibility. I even thought of jumping into the railroad. I'm not kidding. Have you ever thought "How can I end this? The place you can end this right there." I know I was going insane but I really thought I would and cried on the railroad in the midnight, where no more trains run. 


The situation, however, slowly started to change as new people continued to join us. They were willing to help us save this company from "hell" and make it better. We literally fought with our company president by organizing labor union for better pay and "normal" working condition. Until when I left this job, for about 1 year since we started to try to make this place better, thankfully many things have improved and changed. 
I can't count how many times I though I would give up and leave there but somehow I couldn't (they stopped me from leaving a million times) and I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't have been the same "me" without this job. I grew up and leaned so much. 


Here are some photos of events I attended in December 2015 in Luxembourg and in Germany. My last business trip of this job. Those pictures are mostly from places I stayed.

ほとんどホテルと食事の写真だけどね笑 Hope you like them!