Winter 2015 Spring 2016 My people

Looking through all pictures, I couldn't be more thankful for all friends I got to have by my side. 
I am loved. I think this is all I can say. I love every single one of you who called me for cafe, party, reunion, for your company, and other occasions. 
November 2015
At Arabian restaurant 

Gay bar in Shinjku!!

 At ANA Intercontinental Hotel

Smiling at you :)

December 2015
At AnytimeFitness gym

At my sister and her dog, Mary

January 2016

Mom's New Year food

February 2016

Asakusa with friends

Reunion in Roppongi with friends who I worked with.

Cafe time with this babe

13th Feb, my birthday! :) 

 March 2016

Left my work

German dinner in Tokyo

 Tokyo Disney Sea with sister and mom

April 2016

Girls night out

Reunion with high school friends

Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture for a short trip

 Tacos party :)

My farewell party at Thales and Aisa

Haruka's coming‐of‐age ceremony :)

Lunch with my grandma :)

Met my dad at Narita Airport before my flight

Being so thankful for our friendship with Thales since we were 17.



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